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Our way of coaching combined with the latest trends in the world


We like to follow the latest trends of coaching in the world and combine it with our experience and style of coaching, which has brought us so such success. We treat every student as an individual and help our students love and enjoy learning the game of tennis while advancing through progressions of technique, and also developing players physical, mental and tactical abilities. It is our goal that no player’s development will be hindered due to technical issues. Through tennis we create friendships and life opportunities for our members. We help our students to play at their desired level, whether that be at club fixtures or representing their school; gaining a college, or national academy scholarship; or all the way to the professional level. 


ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is just for kids. Smaller courts, lighter racquets and low-compression balls that don’t bounce too high making learning tennis fun and easy for primary school-aged children.

There are three stages – Red (Half Court) Orange (3/4 Court) and Green (Full Court) – that help to develop children’s skills and confidence.

Group lessons are designed to have players doing drills, playing games and competing in a point situation.

Lessons include technical, tactical and physical drills as well as fun games which focus on the performance of  the group.

Advantages of group lessons include:

  • Cost effective

  • Social

  • Learning to be part of a team

  • Opportunities to practice multiple times in a week

  • Fun and interactive

  • Point play with different players

  • General fitness

  • Learn tennis for life

When group lessons are combined with private lesson you can see fast improvement.



Private lessons are a great way to fast-track your development and reach the next level .

From beginners learning the basics of the game, to elite players wanting to fine tune their technique, or wanting to work on individual winning patterns.

With one-on-one lessons, the coach can address the individual needs of the player, pay attention to the smallest details and help you improve your game.

Advantages of private lessons include:

  • Fast improvement

  • Individual attention

  • Fundamental development

  • Tailored for individual development to give a competitive edge

  • No distractions so it is great for focus

  • Flexible sessions


Semi-private lessons are suitable for all players from beginner to elite. A semi-private tennis lesson allows you to receive individual instructions and training with another person on the court at the same time. In most instances the students will make private arrangements to pair together with someone they know, however players can be grouped in compatible pairs. Whilst similar to private lessons, semi-privates enable the student to share the time and reduce costs.


Adventages of semi-private lesson:

  • Shared session with semi-individual time with the coach

  • Technically: the coach can easly adjust the session to work on any technical corrections of  both players

  • Tactics: players can practice together and learn how to construct points at any level

  • Physically: you can work in intervals so you are fully recovered mentally and physically

  • Mentally: the player can challenge and compete against each other in reaching an objective 

  • Economically: there is no time wasted at half of the cost a private lesson


Adult group lessons are designed for players to work on their game while having a great workout and lots of fun. Players do technical drills, play fun games and play doubles based games in a match specific situation.

 Advantages of drop in adult lessons include:

  • No term obligation, just turn up when you feel like playing tennis

  • Cost effective

  • Social

  • Be part of a team

  • Opportunity to practice multiple times a week

  • Fun and interactive

  • Practice and play points with different players

  • General fitness


Cost : $20 per session. Just drop in at any of these times.


Team sessions can be booked at any time. Whether you are playing junior or adult competitions, you can book a lesson for your team. These lessons can include drills and match specific games to target parts of the game in which the team would like to improve. It also creates a team bonding experience.

Players from any club are welcome and if you haven't got a host club we can also arrange for your team to play for the Nambour Tennis Club. 


Please call Zoran at  0417258236


Cost: 1 hour session $80 per team


Family  sessions can be booked at any time. These lessons create a unique family bonding experience. It helps families have fun, learn and play tennis together regardless of the difference in strength, size and their level of tennis skill.  


Please call Zoran at  0417258236


Cost: 1 hour session $80 for family

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