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Our way of coaching combined with the latest trends in the world

We like to follow the latest trends of coaching in the world and combine it with our experience and style of coaching, which has brought us so much success. We treat every student as an individual and help our students love and enjoy learning the game of tennis while advancing through progressions of technique, and also developing players physical, mental and tactical abilities. It is our goal that no player’s development will be hindered due to technical issues. Through tennis, we create friendships and life opportunities for our members. We help our students to play at their desired level, whether that be at club fixtures or representing their school; gaining a college, or national academy scholarship; or all the way to the professional level. 


ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is just for kids. Smaller courts, lighter racquets and low-compression balls that don’t bounce too high making learning tennis fun and easy for junior school-aged children. This means that kids are able to start rallying and have fun right from their first lesson!

There are three stages – Red (Half Court) Orange (3/4 Court) and Green (Full Court) – that help to develop children’s skills and confidence. Children are taught by qualified Tennis Australia coaches and progress at their pace, moving on to the next stage when they are ready. New programs begin each school term with coaching sessions lasting for 30–60 minutes depending on the children’s level.


This program is designed towards all aspirations of players whether that be a professional player, collegiate player or just to reach your potential. Elite Tennis Squads incorporate technical, physical, strategical and psychological components as well as match play. The whole program is individually tailored and the focus of the program is preparing players for Australian Ranking Tournaments and International Tennis Federation Tournaments (ITF).

Inclusions in this program are squads, private lessons, semi-private lessons, match play, mentoring, and planning.


Adult clinics are a group coaching situation where all levels can learn new skills and tennis technique in a comfortable environment. We offer private, semi-private and group lessons for men, ladies, mixed, team, and family tennis lessons.

You can even make your own squad with families and friends. 

Everyone is welcome to adult clinics, regardless of which club you play for, but if you don't have a fixtures team it can be arranged for you to play out of Nambour Tennis Club.

Inclusions in this program include private lessons, squad lessons, family lessons, and team lessons.


Junior development tennis is a progression for children to enhance their skills and continue to the next level of their development. In the sessions, the players will focus on technical and point-orientated drills. The goals for players in this program is to be able to compete in Saturday Morning Fixtures, Thursday Sunshine Coast Singles Challenge and JDS. When squads are paired with private lessons, players will see a faster rate of development.

Inclusions in this program are squads, private lessons, semi-private lessons, match play, mentoring and planning.


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