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Program Inclusions:

  • Squads (at least twice a week)

  • Private lessons

  • Semi-Private lessons

  • Tennis camps

  • Match play

  • School of Excellence (for students of Sunshine Coast Grammar School)

  • Tournament support

Group Lessons and Squads

  • To get the best of our players we keep a small player to coach ratio

  • 3-5 players per coach on 1-2 courts

  • 1.5-2 hours sessions

  • 9-10 week coaching term


Elite Tennis Squads include a combination of drills, game based points and match play which push the players in a mental, physical and psychological capacity. This includes:


  • Drills which are designed to improve technique, power, accuracy and consistency of the players' shots.

  •  Physically challenging drills which are designed to work on tennis specific components like movement, foot work, speed, endurance and power. 

  • Situation game based drills which are centred around tactics, patterns of play, point construction and shot selection.

  • Mentally challenging situations through the use of point play beginning at certain stages of the match. 

Private lessons

We highly recommend private lessons for players as it can greatly and rapidly improve your standard of tennis. Private lessons are tailored to the need of one individual player. This kind of lesson gives a coach the opportunity to work on possible technical improvements which enhance power, accuracy, consistency, and tactical variations. Through the communication between coach and player, the coach can base a lesson around the latest match report from a player. In private lessons coaches are able to create patterns of play and tactics that are individualized and suit the players' game style.

Semi-Private Lessons (2 people)

In most instances the students will make private arrangements to pair together with someone they know, however players can be grouped in compatible pairs. Whilst similar to private lessons, semi-privates enable the student to share the time and reduce costs. Semi-Private lessons maintain the individualization of private lessons however, allow the player to practice specific, match situation points with the other player.  



  • Shared session with semi-individual time with the coach

  • Technically: the coach can easily adjust the session to work on any technical corrections of both players

  • Tactics: players can practice together and learn how to construct points at any level

  • Physically: you can work in intervals so you are fully recovered mentally and physically

  • Mentally: the player can challenge and compete against each other in reaching an objective 

  • Economically: there is no time wasted at half of the cost

Tennis Camp

  • Fast track development because the players are playing tennis for 5 consecutive days

  • Intense training for 2 hours

  • General Fitness

  • Make new friends

  • Hitting a lot of balls in a short period of time

  • Playing with players of a similar standard

  • Reinforce your learning the following day

  • Point play with a variety of players

  • Excellent training environment

Match play

Match play is played within squads when there are more than four players in the session. Points are played in the form of tie-breakers or in sets where the score begins from a certain score in the set. This is done in order to teach mental toughness and tactics.


Match play is organized at Nambour Tennis Centre as a leader board tournament in the Sunshine Coast Singles Tournament. We also highly recommend Saturday Sunshine Coast Fixtures, Junior Development Series (JDS) tournaments, Queensland State Ranking and Australian Ranking Tournaments.

Sessions are designed towards all aspirations of the players whether that be a professional player, collegiate player or just to reach your potential. Elite Tennis Squads incorporate technical, physical, strategical, psychological components and match play. The whole program is individually tailored and the focus of the program is preparing players for Australian Ranking Tournaments and International Tennis Federation Tournaments (ITF).

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