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What happens if it rains?

If you are expecting wet weather please contact us at 0417258236 or 54501651 for the status of the courts. If you think it will be wet and you do not call or show and your lesson is on then it will count as a missed lesson. If all members of a squad are present and it is raining then we will wait a reasonable amount of time if the rain is expected to stop. Please do not write off tennis for the day if your coach or the Pro Shop has not cancelled your lesson.

We do offer wet weather make up lessons.

There are a couple of options if  there is wet weather. Firstly we can try make up the lesson on another day or weekend if it suits all parties. Or, the lesson can count as credit for the next term and you will have a discount for the next term.

If you were meant to have a private lesson or a drop in lesson then you will not pay for that lesson.

Do you offer make-up lessons if  I can’t make it to one of my lessons?

If you can not make it to your lesson and you are booked for a squad then we do not usually offer makeup lessons. If there is another squad of a similar standard and needs numbers, then you can make up your squad by joining that lesson; however, this option is subject to availability and we cannot guarantee a makeup lesson. The reasons why we do not offer refunds or credit is because the squad still went ahead, and there are a limited number of places in squads and we cannot fill that space as you are assigned to it. Please choose a time that will suit your other commitments and make your schedule around tennis after that.

If you have booked a private lesson then you will have to give your coach or the Pro Shop at least a 12-hour notice if you cannot make your lesson for whatever reason. Please keep in mind that if you cannot make your lesson the coach could give someone else a lesson in that time slot if they have sufficient notice. If you fail to provide at least 12 hours of notice you will be responsible for the total cost of the lesson.

What if my child or I am injured?

For squad lessons, if you are injured for a period of longer than three weeks, then you will recieve credit for the period you were injured, towards the next term.

When do I book for each new term, and can I stay in the same lesson?

You are automatically booked in for the following term. If you choose to change your program, time, or cancel your tennis you need to notify the pro shop.

How do I know if my child is ready for fixtures?

There are two ways to know when your child is ready for fixtures. The first is to monitor your child's progress by keeping open communication with your coach. Our coaches are happy to meet with you and talk about your child's progress and make recommendations for speeding up your child's progress if desired. The second is to attend the ZTA fixtures trial days. They are held twice a year and are usually a fun day full of matches and games. Please contact Zoran at 0417258236 about the fixtures trial dates.

Consent to use of Imagery

At ZTA we are proud of our students' progress and achievements and reserve the right to post photos, videos, and write stories about our students' successes on this website and other media. If you do not want us to use your photos, videos, or to write about your success on this website or other media then please alert the Pro Shop in writing immediately. 

Parent etiquette at lessons

We invite and encourage the involvement of parents in their child's tennis but ask that on court support is limited to discipline, encouragement, good parenting, and picking up balls. We ask for parents to refrain from behaviour that would be disruptive to our students or your child's tennis.

 Please leave the tennis coaching to the tennis coaches.

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