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Wednesday night fixtures welcomes all players of all stardands from Sunshine Coast area. While a committee of  Nambour and District Tennis Association organises the competition, creating teams, doing draws and keeping team points scores on the night also tends to be a social event. All play is at Washington St starting at 7pm and finishes around 9pm so everyone gets to know each other. This creates a strong community atmosphere where friendly banter and rivalries are played out. Nibblies are supplied.


Depending on numbers, teams are created with either 3 or 4 players where everyone will be placed in a team so they play 1 singles and 2 doubles sets against an opponents of similar standards. The organising committee does all the planning to ensure that an as even and fair competition as possible is created. New teams are made 2 or 3 times a year to ensure all players are placed with new team mates. Each competition concludes with a presentation and pizza night.


New players to our club are always welcome to join. All players are placed in positions where they will be competing against others of a similar skill level, regardless of gender. Some people elect to play as a substitute only, being used as a fill-in only when regular players are away or ill.


We have noticed that many new players, especially female, are initially daunted by the prospect of a set of singles but soon become comfortable with this as their opponents are in a similar place. We have observed considerable improvement in many who may not have played tennis for some time and attribute this to hitting lots of balls in singles and mixing with players of differing styles.

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