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Sunshine Coast Singles Challenge is a dynamic competition played at Nambour and District Tennis Club and organised by Zoran's Tennis Academy.


Matches start at 4pm, and each player plays 2 sets of singles and umpires 1 set.


The Sunshine Coast Singles Challenge welcomes any player, from any club on the Sunshine Coast.

The competition is singles based and costs $10 per player per day.


All players are placed in one of eight divisions, played on either Monday (Tier 1) or Thursday (Tier 2).


Trophies and awards are presented to winning players at the venue when a player is:

- a 5-time winner of any division wins a trophy for that division

- a 5-time division 1 winner gets a trophy and a $50 voucher for the pro shop (Monday Tier 1 only)


Players change or stay in the same division every week based on their results from a previous week. If you win your division one week, you will be moved to the next highest division the week after. If you happen to lose or you are not able to play due to injury or any other reason, you will be placed in next lowest division the week after. To improve quality of competition, ZTA reserves the right to use a wild card to position new players into appropriate division based on player ability and results.*


How to progress to the Monday (Tier 1) Sunshine Coast Singles Challenge

- Minimum of grade 7**

- 5-time winner of division 1 in Tier 2 with 10 subsequent set wins of 6:3 or better or

- 10-time winner of division 1 in Tier 2 without a loss of a set or

- 15 times winner of division 1 in Tier 2 can move to Tier 1 (Monday)


This competition runs all year round, except for public and school holidays.


*The estimation of a wild card will be based on tournament and fixtures results compared to players already in the competition.  

**The exemptions will be made for the players that already have official wins over three players already in the draw (Training matches ​don't count).​

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